Tuesday, February 19, 2013

So Refreshing | Bowling Green KY Photographer

I must admit that halfway through this couple's session I felt this overwhelming refreshed feeling!  My focus for quite some time as been family sessions, which I adore, but it was nice to have a quick change of pace.  The artist side of me finds this to be a must from time to time.

One of the first things they said to me was that they weren't photogenic....can you believe that?!  They are GORGEOUS and most definitely photogenic.  Such a sweet, sweet couple.


 photo CharlesandJenny-31_zpsacc719d0.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-27_zps930535a9.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-35-1_zps5d9bc009.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-36_zps70bbefdc.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-39.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-40_zpsb1fe8991.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-43_zps1ed5f1b5.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-46_zps63657b7e.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-45_zps4a1bdfba.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-47_zps7cb24185.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-49_zps08f937d4.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-53-1_zpsb7332388.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-54-1_zps03e37c7e.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-55_zps6cd77c47.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-56_zpse59ebd09.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-60_zps5ce935eb.jpg

 photo CharlesandJenny-62_zps26fe2110.jpg

Saturday, February 9, 2013

A Whole Lotta Fun | Family and Children Photographer Lexington KY

To say this family had me giddy with excitement during their session would be an understatement.  I love capturing the true authentic essence of a family and this crew made that easy peasy!  So. Much. Fun!

This was my last family to photograph while in Lexington.  It was such a great day and I look forward to more days like this!

 photo MurrayFamily006_zps8e2e96ec.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily009_zps7c450e91.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily003_zps0f655b77.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily012_zps0785fd70.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily022_zpsd8168d70.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily030_zpsfd33fb45.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily033_zps1c1bc9c3.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily035_zps72509a53.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily046_zpsd4eaf057.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily058_zps5613df30.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily059_zps686aac52.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily072_zps4e3337e6.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily075_zps5173c739.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily081_zpsd1d039d7.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily083_zps41b0617d.jpg

 photo MurrayFamily085_zps61ff6434.jpg