Monday, July 22, 2013

Summer is .... Gardening | Bowling Green Ky Photography

Our garden, today.

Bell pepper

 photo garden072013-08_zpsb608ae91.jpg

San Marzano (Italian) Tomatoes

 photo garden072013-03_zps37e7b8c0.jpg

Kale, Rosemary and Green Onions

 photo garden072013-12_zps3105a66a.jpg

Anaheim Pepper

 photo garden072013-04_zps2ec3719c.jpg

Yellow Squash

 photo garden072013_zps229b71bb.jpg

Cherry Tomatoes

 photo garden072013-02_zpse19da3ac.jpg

Dill, Eggplant, Swiss Chard, San Marzanos

 photo garden072013-11_zps0c014b3c.jpg


 photo garden072013-05_zps4782b3c4.jpg

Variety of Peppers - Jalapeno, Anaheim Chili, Sweet, Cayenne, Red Bell

 photo garden072013-09_zpsca01376d.jpg

Red Bell Pepper

 photo garden072013-07_zps68504d84.jpg

Cayenne Pepper

 photo garden072013-06_zps58e540b0.jpg

It's amazing how much can be grown in two 4x8 raised beds!  Also, it's definitely been a year of dirt, plant seedlings and forget about it .... since we've had so much rain.  Love it!  Easy Peasy!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

So Sweet | Bowling Green Ky Photographer

A photo that I had planned to share around Father's Day, but too sweet to not post now.

 photo JohnsonFree-079_zpsabdef5f6.jpg

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Sarah | Senior Photography Bowling Green Ky

I love photographing seniors!  It's that time of year.

Sarah, you are a young lady this is beautiful inside and out.  I'm so excited for your future and the adventures to come!

 photo Walden-84_zpsa4c05aa9.jpg