Saturday, May 18, 2013

It's Garden Time! | Bowling Green KY Photographer

A view around our home this time of year - it's green, green, green!  With a pop of purple and pink.  :)


 photo garden05182013-02_zps7aebf68c.jpg


 photo garden05182013-05_zpsa15ad056.jpg

Bleeding Heart (this thing is a BEAST!)

 photo garden05182013-07_zps72e5b51c.jpg

Carnations....maybe?  I didn't plant these.  They came with the home.

 photo garden05182013-08_zps199e1618.jpg

Lettuce, Spinach, Green onions from seed.

 photo garden05182013-04_zps288902ed.jpg

Pepper Seedlings that need to go in the ground soon.

 photo garden05182013-03_zps6d19077b.jpg

The view of our patio table, currently.  :)

 photo garden05182013-06_zps46d7ae2c.jpg

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cute and Easy DIY

Such a cute, super easy DIY idea!  You can find me on Pinterest!