Sunday, March 17, 2013

Guy Family | Bowling Green KY Atlanta GA Photograher

It's such a treat to see the Guy family!  Anniston has grown so much!

I'm so in love with these photos.  Jenny Kate is so fashion savvy and the yummy light helped out, too!  Of course, beautiful subjects don't hurt much.

 photo Guy-40_zps4ed82920.jpg

 photo Guy-35_zpsaf0ccc8e.jpg

 photo Guy-34_zps2785a814.jpg

 photo Guy-32_zpsc01b622f.jpg

 photo Guy-46_zps9a3918c2.jpg

 photo Guy-07_zps3ff4fa21.jpg

 photo Guy-05_zps249500c7.jpg

 photo Guy-03_zps1e61c896.jpg

 photo Guy-13_zps14ecefc5.jpg

 photo Guy-21_zps81a27bd3.jpg

 photo Guy-24_zps9f65d02b.jpg

 photo Guy-25_zps0934535f.jpg

 photo Guy-20_zpsdf9a405b.jpg

 photo Guy-12_zps300bfdb0.jpg

 photo Guy-27_zpscb088bac.jpg

 photo Guy-43_zps9cc5183c.jpg

 photo Guy-48_zps1276fe79.jpg

 photo Guy-54_zps3132b1e1.jpg

 photo Guy-55_zps391e4bfe.jpg

 photo Guy-56_zpsbbe8cd03.jpg

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Mammoth Cave | Bowling Green Ky Photographer

Let's be honest, this time of year it can be hard to find great shots.  Blah, blah and more blah is all I tend to see with the brown and bare everywhere.  So, on our recent photo-op trip to Mammoth Cave I decided to try and see the glass half full and find something of interest....maybe even a little color!

Here is what I found....

 photo IMG_9551_zps371785a5.jpg

 photo IMG_9547_zpsdaa2c0f4.jpg

 photo IMG_9618_zps0b7a6925.jpg

Slow shutter speed to try and show some of the movement of the water.  Handheld, which can be very tricky.

 photo IMG_9574_zps12841cc3.jpg

 photo IMG_9619_zps26a3d441.jpg

I hope the start to your week has been a great one!  More family photos to don't want to miss these!!!

xoxo - Alysia

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday Afternoon | Bowling Green KY Photographer

A Sunday afternoon stroll in Mammoth Cave along along with warm weather and my favorite girl is just what I needed!  Spring cannot get here fast enough!

 photo IMG_9560_fb_zps934aacdc.jpg

 photo IMG_9567_zps02921209.jpg

More photos to come of our afternoon of shooting.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Country Chic | Family Children and Pet Photographer Bowling Green KY

The Barnes Family is OH SO CHIC!!!  Love this crew......they are so much fun!  They pulled off the country chic theme so perfectly!  AND....can't beat that gorgeous light!

 photo Barnes-023_zpsdd60538f.jpg

 photo Barnes-036_zps46e411ed.jpg

 photo Barnes-017_zps1a9c048c.jpg

 photo Barnes-016_zps254ed129.jpg

 photo Barnes-019_zpsa4ed2b96.jpg

 photo Barnes-009_zpsb54f131a.jpg

 photo Barnes-008_zps070c0243.jpg

 photo Barnes-006_zps79719b09.jpg

 photo Barnes-032_zpsd61e36ed.jpg

 photo Barnes-030_zps39b1b159.jpg

 photo Barnes-042_zps72512fa4.jpg

 photo Barnes-024_zps0ba8e4ca.jpg

 photo Barnes-117_zps23c5a98b.jpg

 photo Barnes-027_zps53f13790.jpg

 photo Barnes-041_zps3fc8690b.jpg

 photo Barnes-039_zps5e8321b9.jpg

 photo Barnes-047_zpsc542ee12.jpg

 photo Barnes-051_zpsaf969ec1.jpg

 photo Barnes-053_zps6b9affd8.jpg

 photo Barnes-054_zps10e397e4.jpg

 photo Barnes-061_zpsd7e11e0a.jpg

 photo Barnes-068_zps19b01123.jpg

 photo Barnes-077_zps53b37dd2.jpg

 photo Barnes-069_zps677393ba.jpg

 photo Barnes-072_zps930f3bd0.jpg

 photo Barnes-081_zps16c005e2.jpg

 photo Barnes-090_zpsf8b80a53.jpg

 photo Barnes-100_zpsa062274d.jpg

 photo Barnes-101_zps618f19a6.jpg

 photo Barnes-105_zps76490572.jpg

 photo Barnes-106_zps6e9b647e.jpg

 photo Barnes-110_zps2a3dc847.jpg

 photo Barnes-111_zps6cb5deed.jpg