Saturday, April 30, 2011

Pink and Whimsical

i really don't see myself as being very "girly girl" but i do like pink!
if hubby would allow me i could definitely go all out shabby chic pinks
and whites. :0) now, how long i could actually LIVE with that look i'm
not so sure...but i am drawn to it.

i could definitely see these two pictures on my wall! these are definitely
in the running for future wall art. :0) i love the whimsical feel they
have to them which to me makes them fun!



Friday, April 29, 2011

A Princess

So, did you catch The Royal Wedding this morning? The few minutes
i was able to watch took me back to childhood......a little girl
who dreams of cinderella and becoming a princess someday.
I must admit it can leave one a little choked up.
And, wasn't Kate gorgeous?!!

It also reminded me of A Royal Duty that i need to pick back up
and finish reading....Paul Burrell starts the book off giving a very
fly on the wall account of what life was like as the favorite footman
to the Queen. Amazing! Where i need to pick back up is where he is
"hand-chosen as butler by the Princess of Wales", Diana.
After the wedding this morning, i'm very excited to dive back into
this book starting tonight.

Speaking of a princess....this past week, a sweet little girl who reminds
me of a princess gave me a flower during our photo session.
I told her i would take her flower home and place it in a vase to
continue enjoying. Along with her purple flower is a pink rose
my thoughtful hubby picked for me.
I love being able to enjoy things like this!


Monday, April 18, 2011

Sweet Molly....

.....recently gave us a good scare but i will assure you
she is feeling much better now. friday i had to take her to
the vet after some really bad signs that something was wrong....
i'll spare you all of the gorey details....

after an IV fluid/antibiotic treatment, surgery and lab
work it was determined that she had (and is recovering from) HGE.
HGE stands for Hemorrhagic GastroEnteritis. say that ten times!

i can't say enough wonderful things about Dr. Thomas and his staff.
he is our local vet here in smiths grove. he stayed in touch wonderfully
and made sure we knew what was going on with our sweet molly every step
of the way while she was there.


i thought this was such a cute recent photo of molly...i had to share. :0)

Returning Herbs

i had a few herbs to return this year. they are my chives, thyme and tarragon. maybe it's just the norm for these herbs to return year after year...i really had no clue to what to expect. they make for great photo subjects. i especially love chives and how pretty they are with their purple blooms. as for the thyme i love how dainty they are....







Sunday, April 17, 2011

Fresh Homemade Salad

after a recent trip to the garden patch i came home with something new.....mixed lettuce!

i've never grown lettuce before but i have grown herbs successfully so i thought i would give lettuce a try and absolutely LOVE it! like most things, there's no comparison to store bought vs. fresh out of the garden. with fresh lettuce i can actually taste the peppery/spice flavor it should have. honestly, i don't know exactly what types of lettuce/greens are in this mix but i think there's some arugula....which is probably where i'm tasting the peppery-ness. i enjoy a simple homemade vinaigrette with my salads at home. here is a vinaigrette i made today along with a few shots of the cute lettuce.

fresh out of the garden, rinsed and laid out to dry...


starting the vinaigrette


i wish i enjoyed a vinaigrette that's as simple as lemon, oil, salt and pepper....but i have to add a few more thing to really 'spice' it up for my taste. i also like to add a little sweetness to my dressings.

juice of half a lemon
1 tbs extra virgin olive oil
pinch of salt
pinch of fresh cracked pepper
a little bit of honey (to taste)
a little bit of honey dijon mustard (to taste..i used about 1/2 tsp)
whisk together and add to the lettuce



i recommend giving this a try yourself. it's so easy! i'm growing my lettuce in a medium sized pot. just keep it watered well and pick often. typically try to pick leaves that are 3 inches or larger (i'm not very good at this). you can save your salad pickings in your frig for a few days after cleaning the leaves and storing in a zip lock bag or container.

Monday, April 11, 2011


i tend to be a little behind when it comes to technology...i guess it's the 'old fashion' in me. i've had a twitter account for quite some time now since this is how parents receive updates from school and have decided to put it to some good use....for my random thoughts. boy do i have randome thoughts... i suppose everyone does. and, for some weird reason i usually want to share this random-ness quite often. now, i have a great tool to do this! in the right hand corner you'll find my most recent tweets. and, feel free to follow ME!